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Full-Motion Real Estate Walkthrough Videos

Increase notoriety, increase listings, decrease time on market.       


The absolute pinnacle of Real Estate marketing!  Imagine being able to attract more buyers from near and far.  These full-motion videos go well beyond putting still pictures in motion, they give your future buyers a virtual walkthrough of the home.  Shot with a silky smooth stedicam on stunning 1080p HD video, a walkthrough video gives potential buyers an very accurate depiction of the layout.  This allows the true character of the property to show through.  Potential buyers moving long distances will be more confident in taking a closer look at your property.  Bring your property to life!


Production includes:

Stedicam walkthrough of main rooms, combined with tilts, pans and detail shots from a tripod.  

Inviting stock music tracks are combined with the video add to the professional appearance.  

Included is an unbranded, add-free version that is compliant with MLS standards.




Branded Video - An additional edit is created that is not MLS compliant, for use on outside websites.  

Increase brand awareness!  A custom introduction is created with your company logo, slogan and contact information.  This information is also graphically overlaid on the bottom of the video for its entirety and displayed again for the outro.  


Detailed Text Descriptions - Important information and features of the property are graphically inserted as text, and synced with corresponding shots.  

Great opportunity to describe amenities and specifics like flooring type, utilities and appliances.  


Voice-Over - With agent serving as the voice talent.

A great opportunity to describe all the unique details and amenities of a property.  Entice buyers by bringing out the potential of a house.  This is also a great time to introduce yourself, as well.  By including a voice-over narrative, you get the added benefit of enticing future sellers to go to you to sell their house.  They will see you as a go-getter, as someone who knows how to sell real estate.  


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At Blue Bridge Video Productions, we use state-of-the-art HDSLR camera equipment alongside professional level audio recorders to deliver high resolution HD video and broadcast quality audio once only achieved by high-budget production companies.  Our post production techniques are to the highest standard.  From audio editing to color enhancing, we put in the time to be detailed and comprensive.

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